Ambient artists and peers Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman have come together to compose a series of works based on the concept of creation, change and loss. Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol I) marks the beginning of this shared stream of consciousness.

The first volume contains a single long-form track titled ‘Iuxta Mare’. The track weaves acoustic instruments, field recordings, synthesisers and modular chains to sculpt its narrative and channel a flow across acoustic space, time and silence.

The Partial Deletion of Everything series focusses on impermanent objects and their placement within time. Even somethings as vast and powerful as the ocean was once not here. The Work chronicles the impact of beautiful moments in time and documents how they change, disintegrate and fade. Each ‘deletion’ references the interplay between physical reality and subjective experience. Our bodies hold memories and experience the impact of changes and loss.

As an artist collective, we are pleased the music is at once exquisitely sad and uplifting. It flows at a surface level whilst encompassing deep undercurrents. Like ocean waves, each reflection holds up a mirror to the experience time passing.

Produced by Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman

Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Cover by Taylor Deupree