‘Monads’ is the latest work by Iranian sound artist Porya Hatami.  A departure for Hatami, this new album eschews melody in favour of abstract and at times very experimental sound design. The 12 tracks of ‘Monads’ neglect to follow structure or narrative. They propose repetition, temporarily and indeterminacy as their substantial qualities Occasionally the textures reach the jagged end of the spectrum, tactile but never abrasive. An exploration of frequencies is present on many pieces here, subsonic at times, almost undetectable by ear, making themselves felt more than heard.

The title of this selection refers to the basic elements of perceptual reality, a philosophical measurement dealing with elementary particles. Each piece being a world of its own and hearing no connections to others. They have no windows through which something can enter or leave and their destinies unfold independently.

On Hatami’s album, each track is its own monad. Each piece is allowed space and time to evolve or devolve, on its own terms. This collection of sonic fractals blossoms and diverges into odd intersections and achieves a unique identity in the process. The pieces on monads are single layered synth patches manipulated and recorded in real time.

‘Monads’ is first part of a diptych with an upcoming work titled ‘Aggregatum’

all sounds created by Porya Hatami 2014-2015 in Sanandaj.

Photos by Peter Nejedly.

Design by Richard Chartier.

A special thanks to Darren McClure and Richard Chartier.