As if you were given a warm embrace by the sky and earth; the gentleness of the wind, the microcosmic universe of the ground below, the memories and nostalgia that well up to the surface. While the underlying tone of the short album is both hopeful and at peace, we never seem to forget the complex nature of humanity, the contradictions between the head and the heart or the gravity at our feet.

Field gazing upon the landscape with fresh eyes, holding an inner ceremony for the uncertain future ahead. Kani (Day) the empowerment of a new day, a subtle shift in the static field where a new reality is born. Kani (Night) when the world sleeps, the daytime reinterprets itself into an inter-dimensional dream state. Restless the final release, letting go and drifting away.

There is a quality contained in the 28 minutes of Kani that stands out from the rest in Hatami’s long and growing catalog. Something that seems just beyond grasp, but there none the less. That nameless quality and magic surely makes Kani a stand out gem of releases in 2013.

All Sounds recorded and Produced by Porya Hatami

Artwork by Azad Jannati

Mastered by Jason Corder aka Offthesky